Mercury (long Japanese intro) [mp3 single] (2019)

Mercury 800.jpg
Mercury 800.jpg

Mercury (long Japanese intro) [mp3 single] (2019)


Mercury (long Japanese intro) by Joi Noir. Release date: February 22, 2019.

Produced by Stephen Hague and Joi Noir.

Joi Noir are Olga Gallo and Igor Plotnikov -

Olga Gallo - vocals and guitar

Igor Plotnikov - guitar

Stephen Hague - bass, additional guitars and keyboards

Mie Apache - drums

Mercury Japanese dialogue: Akihiro Kinoshita, Takamasa Imai, Kenny Bresson and David Reed

Recorded at Greenhouse Studio, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and SH, Hastings (UK)

Sound engineer: Faiq Lufti

Mixed by Stephen Hague

Mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering


Front photo by Andy Earl

© 2019 Galago Music / Notting Hill Music

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Mercury, which may be the name of an inhospitable planet and a volatile chemical but for our purposes is the name of one of the last human beings to have survived the apocalypse. The song begins with a guitar riff worthy of John McGeoch (and redolent of anything by Magazine or Ultrasound) and Japanese spoken word translated as “Is there anything that can save the world?” A longer, single version has our intrepid hero - Mercury - in the middle of a conversation that goes like this: “Today is a great day, don't you think?”– “Yes, I absolutely agree with you, despite the fact that our world is going to hell, and we are going there with it” – “Wait! Is there something that might save us?”Mercury answers: “That something is love.”